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We offer the most efficient treatments on the market, being at the forefront of all the technological advances.



Our concern is our patients can enjoy of the best new teeth , with the best aesthetics and function as possible, with the highest safety, in the shortest time, an everything with a price that is reachable to any family.

In Vintersol we have a unique and different vision: we work every aspect of your smile and an absolute involvement with the last result of your new teeth treatment.

  • Higher aesthetics
  • More safety and precisión
  • More confort and less nuisances


Immediate loading system is newly developed treatment in implantology that is indicated for all those people with teeth loss or very damaged teeth.

Moreover, thanks to the digital technology we use in the practice including with 3d dental TAC, we can make precise diagnosis of the patient´s mouth by planning precisely the implants placement.

The treatment consists on placing the higher number of implants needed by the patient. It can be necessary to place just one implant or a complete arch. When a complete arch is needed, four or six implants can be placed to support the prosthesis.

The prosthesis we place is temporary, to guarantee a correct osseointegration of implant in bone. Once osseointegration period in completed, we will put a definitive fixed prosthesis from the third month from the implantation.


Intraoral scanner allow to take completely digital  impressions of the mouth of the patient. As a result it can be prevented the use of impression material and other components unpleasant for the patient and to reach an exact design of the oral cavity. In Vintersol we use 3shape Trios 3. Using this method we get the best final results, with less disgusting and traumatic processes.

CT 3D X Rays

We use cutting-edge 3D Scanner with conic beam and high resolution, very useful in maxillary pathologies, identifying in three dimensions the impacted teeth (third molars), cysts, tumors, odontogenic tumors, neoplasms, etc. The high quality of images, allows evaluate morphology, quantity and quality of the bone, and making exact measurements of the alveolar ridge (width, length and depth). In Vintersol we use the leading Brand on market CARESTREAM model 8100 3D.

It also allows determine if it is necessary a bone graft or sinus lifting. It allows to select the size and model of implant and optimize its location. In the end, it allows to reduce surgical risks for the patient. Therefore, it can be applied in endodontics, orthodontics and other specialities

Platelet rich plasma

One of the most recent worldwide medical innovations has been the discovery of enriched plasma in different medical areas, as an element of great regenerative and healing power of different tissues. For example, it was applied with great success in famous interventions such as the knees of King Juan Carlos I, as well as different injuries suffered by our tennis player Rafael Nadal, FC Barcelona players, …  At present, its use has become habitual and essential in the recovery of elite athletes.

In Vintersol Dental Clinic we are specialists in the use of plasma cells in dental treatments. We especially use them in the placement of all type of implants and patients with low quantity of bone, who need bone and gums tissue regeneration for placing the implants.

Oral laser

The incorporation of new technologies is one of the bets of Vintersol to provide our clients the best integral care. For this reason, we have just incorporated an oral laser that allows 100% biological treatment with many benefits due to its precision.

It is a 100 per 100 biological treatment, since its performance is done through light, a light beam with a certain frequency. The action of laser is selective and punctual, so it can distinguish between infected tissue and healthy tissue, generating at the same time a disinfection and/or biostimulation effect in the area where it is applied.


Use of laser in dentistry:

  • Minimally invasive incisions and surgeries
    • Disinfection in endodontics
    • Dental whitening
    • Biostimulation
    • Modulation of inflammation
    • Coagulation
    • Disinfection of periodontal pockets
    • Dental sensitivity