Dental implants

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants replace the loss of one or several teeth. It is a secure and lasting solution. Nowadays implants are made of pure titanium and they act as substitute of the tooth root. Once implants are integrated with the bone, they will support the prosthesis or crowns attached to them, looking like a natural tooth.

¿Why shall we use an implant?


It is the more aesthetic solution to replace the teeth loss. It will improve your appearance and you will look younger.


Treatment with implants have a high rate of success than any other technique for oral restauration.

Quality of life

They give stability and the same sensation given by natural teeth, what will allow you eat, smile and speak without worries.


Possible side effects caused by no replacing the tooth will be avoided (loss of bone).

What is immediate loading in dental implantology?

Immediate loading system is newly developed treatment in implantology that is indicated for all those people with teeth loss or very damaged teeth.

Moreover, thanks to the digital technology we use in the practice including with 3d dental TAC, we can make precise diagnosis of the patient´s mouth by planning precisely the implants placement.

The treatment consists on placing the higher number of implants needed by the patient. It can be necessary to place just one implant or a complete arch. When a complete arch is needed, four or six implants can be placed to support the prosthesis.

Immediate loading has a high number of advantages for patients. Among them is the possibility of wearing constantly their temporary prosthesis (fixed), what facilitates also the progressive adaption to the definitive prosthesis.

So, patient can recover his teeth functionality, especially from the masticatory point of view, and improve his phonation and aesthetics.

Advantages of immediate loading implants

  • Comfort: Temporary prosthesis is placed the same day the implants are placed, so you can show new teeth and smile from the first day.
  • Life quality: After your definitive prosthesis is placed, you can eat, smile, speak normally and nobody will note you wear prosthesis.
  • Tranquility: Mostly there is no need of bone grafts, since two of the implants are place in an inclined position, what always guarantees a sure and stable attachment
  • Profitability: Patients get the same results as the obtained with several individual implants, but with much lower costs and in a much comfortable way for the patient