CAD / CAM prosthesis

¿What are CAD/CAM dental prostheses?

We are pioneers in the introduction of digital revolution of dental sector, allowing us to offer our patients a more efficient and time saving treatment in which we can preview the final review and improve patient experience.

The 100% digital workflow consists on making a diagnosis and planning of treatments by using a sophisticated software and CAD/CAM technology for the design and production of definitive teeth.

Faster and more precise treatments by not using trays or plaster models

Increased safety in treatments due to the micrometric adjustment of design and production in digital workflow

Increased confidence in treatments due to the prior computer planning

Shorter waiting times thanks to digital integration with lab

Transparency for patients since they can access to the 3D view of the final results of the treatment

Our digital tools provide impression taking, planning and an efficient and precise evaluation of treatment, facilitating communication between professionals involved in treatment and the patient.

CAD/CAM technology allows offer the production of digital study models, customized design of prosthesis and definitive prosthesis by using fast production devices.

Digital design and production of prosthesis, allows enjoy many advantages in reduction of costs, increase of precision, uniform quality and a wider range of prosthesis.

CAD/CAM applied to orthodontics, gives us the chance to get introduced to the digital orthodontics.